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Settlement Counsel

As Settlement Counsel, TNLC is engaged to explore every possible avenue for resolution-by-agreement, on terms that are beneficial to our client.


Experience has taught us that it is virtually impossible to plan and achieve the best settlement while simultaneously preparing for success in litigation.

The sooner settlement can be achieved on acceptable terms, the less the consumption of client resources - money, time, energy and opportunity. Clients are concerned about expense.

Our experience as settlement counsel has shown us the substantial savings that can be achieved through resolution-by-agreement.

In a Settlement Counsel engagement:
  • An attorney-client relationship exists - we are on your side pursuing settlement.
  • We are charged to pursue possibilities for acceptable resolution. This means that we devote our energies to settlement (instead of thinking about evidence and litigation tactics). Our job is to think inside AND outside the box.
  • We work independently of litigation counsel (who can focus on evidence and litigation tactics).
  • We involve our clients directly in every aspect of exploring resolution-by-agreement.


What have we achieved?

In a recent case, our client was sued by a former employer.  We knew that the employer's lawyer did not have all the facts - one particular fact being critical to the employer's case.  We advised the employer's counsel that we were not going to be litigation counsel.  Instead, we were engaged to seek settlement.  Not all the facts favored our client, and there was a resolution to be had.  Through early and intense discussions, we were able to reach a settlement that pleased our client and was beneficial to all sides.  The process took one week from the date litigation was filed until the matter was settled and dismissed.



“ I just wanted to say thank you from both [John] and myself for all your hard and successful work performed on our behalf. I really appreciate your manner and professionalism, which enabled the situation to be resolved...”
a client