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Estate Planning and Administration

Are you concerned about the future and assuring the security of your family and loved ones after you are gone?

At the New Law Center we provide information and guidance about the complex array of issues in Estate Planning including establishing trusts, wills, health care proxies and durable powers of attorney.

No matter your resources, planning for the future is important. We can help you develop a sound plan that will:

  • Insure that your assets go to those you want to benefit when you pass away;
  • Protect the inheritance of heirs who are too young or are unable to manage money;
  • Determine who will make medical and financial decisions for you if you are incapacitated;

We will help you:

  • Review your family and business situation, your assets and those you want to benefit;
  • Create a flexible plan designed so necessary adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently in the future as circumstances change;
  • Take advantage of tax-saving provisions;
  • Create the documents you need: (i.e. Trust, Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Living Will).

Probate Administration

Are you the Personal Representative or Executor of a family member who has passed away?

We can guide you through the steps of the Probate Process from

    • Appointment as Personal Representative through
    • Collection and valuing of assets;
    • Notifying heirs;
    • Filing all required tax returns;
    • Distributing the estate;

Probate Are you an Executor?

Estate Planning...

Insure that your assets go to those you choose
Distribute assets without court involvement
Reduce estate tax
Avoid Probate Court costs and related expenses